Next Level Racing is a flight simulator seat that supports various genres

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A versatile flight simulator seat and stand that supports multiple aircraft genres in a single cockpit, including combat jets, spaceships, tiny planes, and huge passenger flights. 

To accommodate a wide range of pilots and aircraft, the sidearms provide 300mm of lateral adjustment and 75mm of height adjustment, and the centre pole for mounting the yoke and keyboard tray has 150mm of height adjustment. Hotas helicopter piloting poles have a 30mm height adjustment. Furthermore, the flight arm and rudder plate have an angle adjustment feature of up to 21.5 degrees. The cockpit seat also has a seat slider and a reclining backrest, which allow the user to swiftly modify the distance and angle.

The main body dimensions are 990mm wide, 1,530mm long, and 1,220mm high, with a weight of 49.5kg, a load capacity of 150kg, and a suggested height of 120-210cm. Thrustmaster, Logitech, Saitek, Honeycomb, Virtual Fly, Crosswind, and practically all major brands are supported, and two authentic Boeing-licenced models will be produced simultaneously.

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