Next generation of Nvidia graphics (Ampere/Hopper) up to 70% faster than Volta?

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So here is the thing, the University of Indiana announced that it will delay the second phase of expansion of its super-computer Crey Shasta “Big Red II” to specifically wait for Nvidia's next generation of graphics.

They originally planned to equip the system with Tesla V100 graphics, but “the opportunity presented itself to wait a little longer and update to the new Nvidia technology”. They will have 2 additional performance Petaflops, buying fewer GPUs. This, thanks to the new generation will offer 70 to 75 percent more performance than the current offer, interesting remark huh?

"According to Brad Wheeler, the vice-president of the information technology branch of the university, 'next generation graphic cards from Nvidia' will be introduced. So we can expect that it will be about Ampere chips. According to Indiana University, these cards will be 70 to 75% faster than the existing models. "

Our best guess is that Ampere GPUs will be unveiled in March at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference. That also indicates that NVIDIA will introduce the new architecture for the HPC market first.

BTW  Big Red 200 is equipped with AMD's Epyc 7742 processors and thus the future Nvidia GPUs. Epyc 7742 is AMD's top model when it comes to Zen 2 CPUs, so this model has 128 threads and a basic clock speed of 2.25 GHz.

Next generation of Nvidia graphics (Ampere/Hopper) up to 70% faster than Volta?

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