New Windows 10 build update can cause high CPU activity (update)

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Microsoft issued a an update for Windows 10 on August 30, that one should hold a number of bug fixes. However, certain users of the operating system now suffer from a high load on the processor.

Update KB 4512941 for Windows 10 version 1903 showed an error in the early versions, which made sure that the search on the desktop did not work anymore and at the same time the assistant Cortana completely occupied a processor core. In part, Cortana's CPU load increased to over 40 percent. 

The reason seems to be that the users have disabled the search through Bing. According to only solution to the problem so far is an intrusion into the registry database of Windows 10, which activates Bing again and shuts down Cortana. The error that causes the high CPU load, seems to have been installed since August by then published updates. It is annoying for the affected users that Microsoft was informed about the errors by the tests in the Release Preview Ring by Windows Insider, but the update KB4512941 nevertheless published.

Update: Microsoft has now published the problem in the list of known errors of the update. It occurs if the Windows Desktop Search has been deactivated. Then SearchUI.exe can cause a high CPU load. The High CPU load fix will be solved in mid-September with a Windows update.

New Windows 10 build update can cause high CPU activity (update)

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