New Wi-Fi 7 Ready Routers From TP-Link Announced (at very high prices)

TP-Link is certainly ahead of the game by announcing a line of high-end Wi-Fi 7 routers. According to the release, the company's initial product is the Archer BE900, a quad-band router with a guaranteed minimum speed of 24 Gbps. 

The router makes use of a 2.4 GHz signal (1,376 Mb/s), two 5 GHz bands (2 x 5,720 Mb/s), a new 6 GHz band (11,520 Mb/s), and a newer 6 GHz band (11,520 Mb/s). Two 10G ports and four 2.5G ports are available.

Archer BE900 has quad-band 24 Gbps WiFi 7 speeds* and comes with a brand-new design — totally reimagined from previous routers.

Another two routers — Archer BE800 and Archer BE550— were also released simultaneously. Archer BE800 is a tri-band WiFi 7 router with up to 19 Gbps WiFi*, equipped with a LED screen, two 10G ports and four 2.5G ports, and is EasyMesh-compatible. Archer BE550 is another tri-band WiFi 7 router but with speeds up to 9.2 Gbps, five 2.5G ports, and is EasyMesh-compatible.

True 10G, True Acceleration, True Gaming: Archer GE800, a BE19000 Tri-Band WiFi 7 Gaming Router

Archer GE800 is TP-Link's first WiFi 7 gaming router with true 10G. This tri-band WiFi 7 gaming router delivers speeds over 18 Gbps*. GE800 is powered by the latest powerful CPU and WiFi chipset, providing enough performance for the most intense gaming networks. GE800 is also equipped with two 10G ports and two 2.5G ports to meet the needs of multi-gig entertainment** like gaming, 8K AR/VR, and home NAS setups. With abundant game acceleration functions, GE800 boosts gaming traffic, stabilizes connections, and reduces latency to ensure your gaming stays immersive by accelerating game devices, servers, and applications, including mobile games. The dedicated game band prioritizes your online games so they no longer compete with your family's Netflix 4K streaming. Deco always promotes high-quality lifestyles with its powerful networking solutions. The line covers every scenario from indoors to outdoors and provides multi-gig Ethernet access, fiber service access, 5G/4G/3G mobile access, and DSL access to meet different ISP service needs. In the event, three Deco models were released. The exquisite and elegant body case helps it fit various home décors. The added “7” element on the front side evokes the significance of WiFi 7, making it stand out among all the other Deco products.

Deco BE95: BE33000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 7 System

Whole Home Multi-Gig Connectivity **– Whether wired or wireless, BE95 delivers whole home multi-gigabit connectivity to enter a new 10G era. Deco BE95’s speeds of up to 33 Gbps*are made up of four frequencies, two of which are 6 GHz bands to improve overall performance significantly. One of the 6 GHz bands can be used as a dedicated backhaul to provide stronger and more stable signals, even if your phone and laptop don’t support WiFi 7 or 6 GHz band currently. The product is equipped with two 10Gbps ports and gives you an unprecedented experience, whether for fast internet access or LAN access.

A New Deco System 3.0 for True Whole Home Mesh WiFi – TP-Link has invested much in developing the Deco system to provide the optimal Mesh WiFi experience. The ultimate whole home multi-gigabit coverage**, the intensive seamless roaming experience, AI technology, and the new Deco app combine for the top Deco Mesh system.

Deco BE65 is another WiFi 7 Mesh with tri-band 11 Gbps WiFi 7 speeds* and four 2.5G ports. While Deco BE85 is a WiFi 7 Mesh with tri-band 22 Gbps WiFi 7 speeds* and two 10G ports.

Smart Security Enhances WiFi 7 for Smart Living: HomeShield 3.0

With WiFi 7's coming, TP-Link’s security software HomeShield has updated to 3.0, adding more features and 2 exclusive apps for comprehensive protection. With HomeShield, managing your family's internet has never been easier.

Reliable, Flexible, Connected: Aginet Products for Internet Services Providers

Aginet is TP-Link’s sub-brand dedicated to supporting Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It is committed to providing flexible products, agile and pragmatic solutions, and incomparable services. Aginet stems from TP-Link’s commitment to offering an agile network solution to service providers to match their ever-changing markets. ISPs can reduce operational costs and gain maximum profit with the powerful and flexible TAUC solution. During the event, the Aginet 5G WiFi 7 router and XGS-PON WiFi 7 router were introduced. Tapping into the power of 5G, we're combining WiFi 7 with 5G technology to accelerate speeds. TP-Link also made major innovations in XGS-PON products, taking the lead in combining WiFi 7 technology with XGS-PON technology, which is the road to future networking. Product availability will vary based on region.

Break Through the Boundaries of Your Business: Omada Enterprise WiFi

TP-Link Omada has always been committed to providing SMB and enterprise clients with safe and reliable networking solutions. To further address customers’ demands, TP-Link will launch the brand-new WiFi 7 access points — Omada EAP780 and Omada EAP770.

Summary of TP-Link's Current WiFi 7 Product Lineup

Above is the first stage of TP-Link's WiFi 7 product lineup. We've provided three WiFi 7 routers, which are redefining WiFi routers with brand-new designs and powerful performance. As for the WiFi 7 Gaming router, GE800 provides abundant game acceleration functions and the latest WiFi 7 technology for gamers.

Three models are available in our Deco Whole Home Mesh WiFi 7 System, from BE33000 to BE11000, providing a true whole home multi-gig mesh WiFi**. For enterprise WiFi 7, Omada EAP780 and 770 will be available, covering from BE22000 to BE11000. With enterprise-level WiFi functions and centralized management capabilities, they break through the boundaries of your business. Product availability for US market:

The three above products will be available for pre-order on 12/31/2022 and will ship in Q1, 2023. Additional products will become available throughout Q1 and Q2 2023.

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