New UL Time Raytracing Benchmark Will Not be Time Spy

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So there is a bit of confusion that started a day or so ago, UL (previously Futuremark) would be releasing an update to Time Spy with raytracing support. That bit of information seems to be incorrect, as it now seems it will be a new separated benchmark, we just had a reply from the designers, UL.

Multiple media are confirming or denying the Time Spy RT optimized test, however, to be sure I've just contacted UL to clear up some of the confusion. As it seems, UL is building a completely new Raytracing benchmark (thus not Time Spy or an update to it), and will release that hopefully in the very same timeframe as the RTX release from NVIDIA.

Below is the reply we received back from UL:

We are designing a new test from the ground up to use Microsoft DirectX Raytracing, which will be added to 3DMark app as an update. 

Please note that our upcoming benchmark is not a Time Spy test. Changing Time Spy in such a significant way would invalidate comparisons with previous scores, which isn’t something we want to do. The new test will produce its own benchmarking scores that will not be comparable with other tests like Time Spy and Fire Strike benchmark tests.

Unfortunately, some media misunderstood that the upcoming test is not a Time Spy test. We requested to update the story, but unfortunately, they have not done it.

We will keep you informed of our latest developments. And if there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

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