New rumor - NVIDIA to continue with only 6 partners ?

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Well, we seem to have a bit of a developing story today. The website Fudzilla decided to drop a bomb with the following news-post today:

Very well informed sources said that Nvidia will cut all but six partners. The ones to stay are EVGA, PC partner (Zotac), Asus, MSI, Palit and XFX.

We don't know anything more than the list and it looks that Nvidia will announce this very shortly.

Everyone else who is not on this list will be cut off and this will make much better breathing space for the remaining six partners. At press time we don't have any more details than that.

First off, Fudzilla will post anything news-worthy, confirmed or not ... doesn't matter. But the rumor of NVIDIA dropping AIBs as of next year consistently surfaces over and over again.

Now I've been hunting down some board partners today trying to see if there is any validity in the rumor that started. If you read the fud-post carefully, the biggest partner effected would be BFG, that would just not make any sense as it is one if not the most respected NVIDIA partner in the USA and here in Europe.

I have had a call with BFG's UK office earlier today and they are as much confused about this rumor as anyone else. They are trying to find some answers right now and I hope to hear back from them later today.

I also had a brief chat with Point of View graphics, which is a Dutch AIB and again .. confusion as they don't know anything either. The rumour now slowly seems to outline itself within the confines of Northern USA, which again effects BFG. But PC partners (ZOTAC) is still on the list ? Come on. That just doesn't make any sense at all.

Fact is, NVIDIA needs to make some sort of statement today as these rumors have been surfacing for a while now. One way or the other, these rumours are horrible for their business as it directly effects the involved partners.

We'll update this news-bulletin once we hear more and official statements arrive.

Update: We had some dialog with BFG USA moments ago and they are denying this rumor. According to John Malley Sr. Director, Marketing for BFG Technologies Fudzilla's report is not correct.

"For some reason they left us off but I can tell you we are still on and strong in Europe.  With the economy the way it is I have no doubt that some board partners will go away and/or be consolidated. There are a lot of rumors out there, so I do appreciate the chance to respond."

After this response I fired off one more email asking whether or not this could effect BFG Northern USA and not say the EU. As that would be an applicable situation as well. BFG's response was simple:

"BFG is staying a key NVIDIA partner in North America and Europe."

So how accurate is Fudzilla's report ? No-body knows as the info apparently is not that accurate. We are waiting on a formal reaction from NVIDIA.

Update: It seems NVIDIA is not releasing a statement whatsoever at this time. We'll keep you posted if we hear more.

Update: We have an official response back from NVIDIA, read it here.

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