New NVIDIA GPU is named at Reuters, called Turing

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In an article on Reuters, they talk about the king craze and how well that benefits NVIDIA with prices shooting through the roof. More interesting is that the article mentioned Nvidia would release a new gaming GPU next month, called Turing.

Next to the Name Ampere, thus there now is a second name surfacing. However, more importantly, it again is an indication that a new gaming GPU is to be announced next month, likely at GTC in March. As reported on Reuters:

Analysts also say Nvidia’s competitive advantage is only likely to increase when it moves its Volta chip architecture, launched last year and only currently present in data-center GPUs, into gaming chips later this year. The new GPU gaming chip, code-named Turing, is expected to be unveiled next month. Even without it, Nvidia’s revenue from gaming rose 29 percent to $1.74 billion in the fourth quarter, accounting for more than half of its total revenue.

Honestly, Turing would sound more related and better fitted to AI products (Turing test for artificial intelligence). A Turing machine is a hypothetical machine thought of by the mathematician Alan Turing in 1936. Despite its simplicity, the machine can simulate ANY computer algorithm, no matter how complicated it is! Above is a very simple representation of a Turing machine.

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New NVIDIA GPU is named at Reuters, called Turing

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