New Firmware update Reportedly solves Ryzen 3000 boot issues Linux

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We don't talk about Linux a lot, as the install base is small and not really the PC Gamers domain, however as it turns out Linux users have had Boot issues with Ryzen 3000. A problem that is now confirmed to be solved with the latest BIOS updates.

AMD provided a solution for the Linux issues at hand as firmware updates with AGESA Combo-AM4 should solve the problems (and various others on the Windows platform). The Linux issues had been named Systemd error, at least that is listed at the change log of the ROG Crosshair VII Hero bios.

1.Updated AM4 combo PI patch ABB 
2.Optimized the chipset fan profile. The new profile allows the chipset to be idle or when the temperature is low. 
3.Supports Ubuntu 19.04 and other Linux distros 
4.Improved system performance, stability and storage device compatibility 
5.Before running the USB BIOS Flashback tool, please rename the BIOS file (C8HW.CAP) using BIOS Renamer.

It shows that the motherboard now supports Ubuntu 19.04 and other Linux distributions. Ryzen 3000 chips previously had problems booting a Linux system based on Kernel 5.0. 

Germany based German PCGamesHardware and 3D-Center notes that motherboards from Gigabyte, Biostar, ASRock and MSI are already equipped with this new bios update, but no specific change log is reported to these manufacturers. The MSI updates would still be in a beta phase. Here is a progress build of AGESA updates over time and what they address:

AGESA versionimprovementsSpecial features / problems
  • Specter v2 protection
  • Fix power management "Raven Ridge" APU
  • Support until Ryzen 2000
  • Overclocking Athlon 200GE ?
  • Support for Picasso and provisional for Matisse
  • Partial problems with PBO / SMT
Combo AM4
  • full of support for Matisse
Combo AM4
  • Improvement of RAM support / multiplier
Combo AM4
  • Performance improvement for Ryzen 9
  • Improved compatibility with DDR4-3000 and higher
  • Problems with core boost
Combo AM4
  • Improvement of the core boost?
  • All functions only with 32 MB BIOS
  • Improvement of the core boost? / Fix for M2 . SSD
Combo AM4
  • Fix the random numbers for systemd
  • Start from Destiny 2
  • Withdrawn only PCIe 2.0 possible
  • Fix the random numbers for systemd
  • Start of Destiny 2
  • Warnings "Event 17, WHEA-Logger" eliminated in Windows Event Log
  • older chipsets no more PCIe 4.0 possible
  • partially beta versions
* All information is unofficial.

New Firmware update Reportedly solves Ryzen 3000 boot issues Linux

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