New Benchmark Leak Reveals Ryzen 3 3000U Radeon Vega Mobile series

Some interesting information got posted today, it involves the mobile series 3000 processors. That means the procs have Vega cores in them for graphics, much like the Athlon 200GE. 

The information is interesting as well as it is confusing as we doubt it is 7nm based. The leak was posted by TUM_APISAK with the following Geekbench scores:

What's interesting is that these procs are tagged Raven Ridge, and that already is an 14nm existing architecture. For example, the Athlon 200GE is based on RR (I am actually currently testing this proc). So in short, that means no 7nm for APUs. You can bet that the Ryzen 3000U series APUs will end up in devices like ultra-portables, notebooks and small devices. The Ryzen 3 3200U reveals a 2-core/4-thread CPU, Ryzen 3 3300U offers 4-cores/4-thread CPU (no SMT), and the Ryzen 5 3500U would be actually really interesting at 4-core and 8-threads. The clock frequencies are a bit confusing, first, we expect this to be able clocks, not boost clocks. But the two 3200U procs clock in at 2.60 GHz, the 3300U and 3500U, however, both are clocked lower at 2.10 GHz. 

Likely these procs will be revealed at CES.

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