New AMD Ryzen 9000 (Zen 5) CPU Leak: runs 5.8 GHz and 19% Faster Than 7950X

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Recent leaks have revealed the advanced capabilities of AMD's upcoming Ryzen 9000 desktop processors, based on the Zen 5 microarchitecture, demonstrating significant performance enhancements. Specifically, an engineering sample with the OPN code "100-0000001290" has surfaced, indicating a peak boost frequency of 5.80 GHz, which is a notable 100 MHz increase over its predecessor, the Ryzen 9 7950X. This higher clock speed contributes to an impressive 19% increase in single-threaded performance compared to the Zen 4 architecture. The processor, part of the Granite Ridge lineup for the Socket AM5 platform, has yet to have its core count confirmed, though the focus of this leak is on its single-threaded capabilities. Enhancements in the processor's design include a restructured Infinity Fabric, which is essential for improving communication between the Compute Die (CCD) and the I/O Die (IOD), and an upgraded Integrated Memory Controller (IMC), which are likely contributors to the observed performance gains.

Preliminary benchmarks in CPU-Z show the Ryzen 9000 achieving a score of 910 points, surpassing the Ryzen 9 7950X's average of 767 points. This data positions the Ryzen 9000 near the performance levels of the Intel Core i9-14900K, which scores 908 points in similar tests but requires a higher boost frequency of 6.00 GHz to achieve this. 


Reports suggest that the new Zen 5 CPUs will be available in multiple core configurations, potentially including 16, 12, 8, and 6-core models. Expected improvements in Instructions Per Cycle (IPC) are estimated at around 10%, with specific workload enhancements possibly reaching up to 40%, indicating significant advancements in both general and gaming performance over the previous generation.


The thermal design power (TDP) of the Ryzen 9000 sample is recorded at 170 watts, suggesting that this version of the processor could be either a 12-core or 16-core model, although the exact core count remains unspecified in the leak. 

RUMORED AMD Ryzen (AM5) Desktop Series

CPU CoresBoost ClockL2 And L3 CacheInt. GraphicsLaunch Price
AMD Ryzen 9000 - ZEN5 - Granite Ridge
Ryzen 9 9950X16x Zen5TBCTBC2CU RDNA2-
Ryzen 9 9900X12x Zen5TBCTBC2CU RDNA2-
Ryzen 7 9700X8x Zen5TBCTBC2CU RDNA2-
Ryzen 5 9600X6x Zen5TBCTBC2CU RDNA2-
AMD Ryzen 7000 - ZEN4 - Raphael
Ryzen 9 7950X3D16x Zen45.7 GHz144MB2CU RDNA2$699
Ryzen 9 7950X16x Zen45.7 GHz80MB2CU RDNA2$699
Ryzen 9 7900X3D12x Zen45.6 GHz140MB2CU RDNA2$599
Ryzen 9 7900X12x Zen45.6 GHz76MB2CU RDNA2$549
Ryzen 9 790012x Zen45.4 GHz76MB2CU RDNA2$429
Ryzen 7 7800X3D8x Zen45.0 GHz104MB2CU RDNA2$449
Ryzen 7 7700X8x Zen45.4 GHz40MB2CU RDNA2$399
Ryzen 7 77008x Zen45.3 GHz40MB2CU RDNA2$329
Ryzen 5 7600X6x Zen45.3 GHz38MB2CU RDNA2$299
Ryzen 5 76006x Zen45.1 GHz38MB2CU RDNA2$229
Ryzen 5 7500F6x Zen45.0 GHz38MBN/A$179

Anticipated for a future release, the Ryzen 9000 series with Zen 5 architecture promises to deliver superior performance, especially in gaming scenarios, potentially surpassing even the Ryzen 7000 X3D family in terms of gaming output.

Source: HXL (@9550pro)Wccftech

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