New AMD Radeon graphics card PCB photos with GDDR6 memory - NAVI Spotted?

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We all know that the successor towards AMD's Polaris (Radeon 570/580/590) is to be released, with some announcements already expected during Computex late next month. Indications for this are getting stronger as PCB photos of an AMD board design have surfaced.

Navi will have an updated GCN architecture and is to be fabbed at 7nm fabrication nodes, much like Ryzen 3000. An earlier report states that the Navi 10 next-gen GPUs will be introduced at E3 2019, ie between June 12 and 15, and will be released on July 7th. A launch date on 7.7. already was suggested and not seem too far-fetched since AMD likes to refer to its own 7-nm GPUs, then again it would be far to easy to speculate on that date.



Navi 10 is supposed to be a mainstream graphics card like what Polaris is offering with a bit of an increase in speed, it is however claimed that the performance might be higher than expected and can potentially exceed that of the Radeon RX Vega 64, sitting just behind the GeForce RTX 2070 or 2080.

So that's it for the NAVI introduction, now let's talk about the new findings that show two screenshots of a new front and backside PCB. The PCB is unknown, doesn't look familiar aside from the AMD logo. Take note of the usual disclaimers, but two photos below seem to be a new AMD PCB design.

These leaked in the Chinese Baidu forums, the PCB shows the protective film not yet removed. The core of the device shows the placement for that unknown GPU, communicating with what will be GDDR6 memory chips.

If you count the GDDR6 memory SMT traces you can tell that the card will get either 8 or 16 GB. Combine that with a suggested 256-bit bus and the effective frequency of 12 or 14 GHz, would bring 384 or 448GB/s of bandwidth to these puppies. There is space for 8-phases and a pair of 8-pin PCI-E Power connectors. Obviously, this could just be an engineering board or even an existing board design we did not recognize, but the timing is right and it is an interesting find so shortly before the summer.

New AMD Radeon graphics card PCB photos with GDDR6 memory - NAVI Spotted?

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