Netgear mesh Wi-Fi system with cloud management subscription

Way to go to steer your end-users away from you, NetgearĀ launched the mesh Wi-Fi system Orbi Pro WiFi 6 AX5400 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System Set of 2.

A product from the "Orbi Pro WiFi 6" line of mesh Wi-Fi systems for businesses, consisting of a router and satellite that integrates router, Wi-Fi access point, and switch functions for wired device connection. Additionally, it supports up to four SSIDs/VLANs for securely separating Wi-Fi networks for business, private, smart home appliances, guest access, and more. In addition, the company's cloud management solution, "Insight App & Cloud," includes a "5-year Premium Subscription," allowing you to monitor the Orbi network remotely using a smartphone app or web site.

The wireless LAN supports tri-band 5 GHz band x 2 (2,402 Mbps) and 2.4 GHz band (574 Mbps), and its interface consists of Gigabit WAN x 1 for the router, Gigabit LAN x 3, and Gigabit LAN x 4 for the satellite. The main body is 170 x 75.6 x 224.5 mm and weighs 720 grams. The product has a 5-year warranty. The release of further satellites will occur at a later period. The kit will cost 599 USD.

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