Netgear launches 2.5 gigabit PoE ++ unmanaged switch with total 230W power supply

Netgear has marketing the PoE++ unmanaged plus switch MS108UP that can provide a total of 230W to 8 ports and is compatible with 2.5 gigabit LAN.

With 4 Ultra 60 PoE ++ ports capable of supplying up to 60W and 4 PoE + ports capable of supplying up to 30W, a total of 8 ports can provide up to 230W. In addition, regardless of the PoE class of the power receiving device, it is equipped with a "PoE automatic adjustment feature" that automatically changes PoE power depending on the request, making it appropriate for Wi-Fi 6 compliant access points and security cameras, among other combinations. The transfer rate is compatible with multi-gigabit ports with a transfer rate of 2.5G / 1G, and the cable is Cat5e or above. It has a switching capability of 40 Gbps, a maximum MAC entry size of 16K, a buffer size of 1.5MB, support for 64 VLANs, and a fanless cooling architecture.

The width is 210 mm, the depth is 140 mm, height is 40 mm. Unfortunately, the switch is way too expensive for the consumer market, as Netgear charges just over 500 USD for it.

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