NETGEAR Introduces Orbi 770 Tri-Band Mesh System and Nighthawk RS300 Router Featuring WiFi 7

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NETGEAR is set to launch the Orbi 770 Tri-band Mesh System and the Nighthawk RS300 Router, marking the company's entry into more affordable WiFi 7 products. These new offerings are designed to enhance WiFi performance and ensure secure connectivity. The Orbi 770 Mesh System is engineered to deliver high-speed internet with capabilities reaching up to 11Gbps, catering to up to 100 devices over an area of up to 8,000 square feet with a three-pack set. It utilizes Multi-Link Operation by combining 5Hz and 6GHz bands for optimized connection speeds. The system includes a 2.5 Gig internet port to support multi-gig internet speeds, which is essential for modern applications ranging from entertainment to hybrid work environments.

The design of the Orbi 770 features a slim, cylindrical body with four high-performance internal antennas equipped with high-powered amplifiers, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout various home layouts. Advanced Router Protection, an exclusive feature to NETGEAR, adds an additional layer of security to the Orbi 770 series. The Nighthawk RS300 Router introduces WiFi 7 technology with speeds up to 9.3Gbps. It is designed for budget-conscious consumers who do not want to compromise on technology. The router features a sleek design with a patented omni-directional internal antenna, enhancing signal coverage up to 2,500 square feet and supporting a maximum of 100 devices. It also offers a 2.5 Gig internet port and additional connectivity options through one 2.5Gig and two 1Gig LAN ports, facilitating rapid wired connections for devices requiring low latency, such as gaming PCs or consoles.


Security features across both the Orbi 770 and Nighthawk RS300 are robust, incorporating modern encryption protocols, advanced threat detection, and automatic firmware updates. These routers also support VPN, WPA3 security, access control, and guest WiFi network options. NETGEAR includes a 30-day trial of NETGEAR Armor™, powered by Bitdefender, which provides comprehensive digital protection and privacy enhancements through an integrated VPN.

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