Netflix threatens to ban customers who share an account unauthorized

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Netflix has been the talk of the town. Recently, they've been conducting trials in South America, and soon they're likely to lose a lot of customers as they implement an algorithm that prevents the use of multiple devices outside of a primary location (home).

Netflix in most countries in the EU is taking steps to prevent people from sharing their subscription with others without permission. According to the company's Help Center, sharing is only allowed for people who live in the same household.

Netflix monitors information like IP addresses and device IDs to make sure the subscription is being used in the main location. If a device that doesn't belong to the main location is used, it may be blocked from playing Netflix. However, if you are traveling or living in different places, you can still use Netflix, but with restrictions. The company reminds users that those outside of the household must use their own account to stream.

"To ensure your uninterrupted access to Netflix, connect to the Wi-Fi network in your primary location and stream something from the Netflix app or website at least once every 31 days."

If you are away from the primary location for an extended period, the device in question will be disabled for playing. It can only be used again if the provider issues a time-limited access code. This implies "you can use Netflix for seven days in a row," it continues. To continue using a paid subscription while traveling, Netflix subscribers will need to contact customer care up to three times throughout a three-week trip. It is unknown when the device lock will be enabled.

The streaming service stated last week that the price for legalizing account sharing in other countries would no longer be charged at the start of the year. The launch is presently scheduled during the first quarter of 2023. This period was not extended by Netflix.

Furthermore, the corporation has not yet disclosed how much the expense for account sharing will be. Netflix is already testing account sharing in select areas.

Netflix threatens to ban customers who share an account unauthorized

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