NeoGAF offline following allegations against owner

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One of the biggest gaming communities, NeoGAF has been offline the entire weekend ever since the site's owner was accused of sexual harassment and the moderators walked out. 

Saturday night someone posted screen captures on NeoGaf of a Facebook post that detailed an incident in which a woman said that a man she was friends with had shocked her by getting into the shower with her completely naked. After friends asked her to name the man, she told them to "Google Evilore."

In the wake of the post, members started protesting Evilore on NeoGaf and many of the moderators quit. The site was taken offline shortly after the protests started. It has been going on and offline over the past 12 hours.

This isn't the first time Malka has faced allegations of sexual assault. In 2012, Malka wrote about a trip to Spain in which he grabbed a woman after buying her a drink.

After the post yesterday afternoon numerous commentators offered “suicide posts,” which were deliberately written in hopes of being banned. NeoGAF is a public forum but it has strict moderation and registration requirements, which has invited criticism of heavy-handedness or censorship in the past. Many of these moderators are said to have quit.

According to USGamer, NeoGAF is preparing a statement about the controversy but so far has issued none, and the site still is down. 

On Sunday NeoGAF went offline. It is not clear whether administrators took the forum offline or that the site is under a ddos attack. NeoGAF prepares a statement. NeoGAF was especially acquainted with insiders at game studios, which anonymously announced regular news about upcoming games.

News sources: rollingstonepolygon

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