MSI To Release GeForce GTX 1080 30th Anniversary Edition (photos)

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MSI will release a 30th Anniversary Edition of the GeForce GTX 1080. To celebrate this fact MSI has teamed up with a liquid cooling specialist and designed something really special. The card will be EK liquid cooled with a gorgeous design. 

Remember the predator series we reviewed ? Think smaller yet similar with a subtle yet 40mm thick 120mm CoolStream PE-radiator, DXX pump and PWM controlled  Vardar fans. The liquid cooling block will get a notch of subtle LED lighting. With such a block and that kind of cooling we expect GPU LOAD termperatures to sit at 40~45 Degrees C while we know that the EK stuff just doesn't make any noise at all. The kit will be AIO, thus you take it out of the box and can install it.

Earlier on we already tested an EK Predator DIY kit and the Radeon R9 NANO we cooled topped out at 38 Degrees C under full load AND being overclocked. We expect Gaming Z series clock frequencies at default. MSI has planned to release the Anniversary Edition in September and yes, we will be reviewing it.

The MSI team took some photos for me at Gamescom and submitted them as sneek preview. Click the thumbnails.

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