MSI Updates Z790 BIOS with New Intel Default Settings to Address Power Limit Concerns

MSI announced the release of the latest BIOS update for its Z790 chipset motherboards. This update introduces a new feature known as "Intel Default Settings," designed to align with recent guidelines from Intel regarding power limits. The BIOS update specifically targets issues related to game client crashes that users experienced with the 13th and 14th Generation Intel Core processors. The "Intel Default Settings" function sets specific power limits (Power Limit 1 and Power Limit 2) for these processors. For the Core i9 series, the settings are adjusted to PL1 at 125W and PL2 at 253W. For the enhanced Core i9KS series, both PL1 and PL2 are set at 253W.

Additionally, the update includes optimized settings for different cooling environments. MSI Z790 series motherboards now feature configuration options for both "Tower Air Cooler" and "Water Cooler" settings. These options allow for higher power limits than those set by the default Intel guidelines, taking advantage of the enhanced cooling capabilities provided by these systems.


The updated BIOS with the "Intel Default Settings" has been released for five models, including MSI’s high-end "MEG Z790 GODLIKE MAX" and "MEG Z790 ACE" motherboards. Plans are in place to expand these updates to other models in the series, such as the "MPG Z790 CARBON WIFI II." These updates are scheduled to be rolled out progressively.


This initiative reflects MSI's commitment to compliance with Intel's new power management protocols, while also addressing the stability issues faced by gamers and other high-performance users. 

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