MSI To Release Limited Edition RTX 4070 Calapeno Graphics Card (for Special Events)

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IT Home reported on the unveiling of a limited edition MSI RTX 4070 graphics card, co-branded with the game "Cala Pichu". The graphics card, which has not yet been publicly released for sale, features a distinctive pink paint job and is intended for use in specific offline promotional activities. Details from a social media post by a user on Tieba included images of the MSI RTX 40 series card, specifically modeled after the MSI RTX 4070 Gaming Trio. Although the photos were not clear, the visual comparison confirmed the model as the RTX 4070. This special edition card, known as the "Calapeño", will not be available for general purchase but is planned to be distributed as a prize in upcoming gaming events, details of which have not been disclosed. The price for the standard MSI GeForce RTX 4070 GAMING X TRIO 12G is currently listed at approximately $650 USD, converted from yuan. This pricing gives an indication of the value of the "Calapeño" edition, although its unique design could potentially elevate its worth among collectors and enthusiasts.

The custom design of the "Calapeño" graphics card includes a pink metal front cover, which is unusual for graphics cards, typically dominated by more subdued colors. While the backplate appears to remain standard, the special edition comes with a uniquely designed pink packaging box, enhancing its appeal as a collector's item or a special giveaway.


"Cala Pichu", the game associated with this custom graphics card, is a third-person shooter developed by Day1 Studio. It entered public beta on February 1, 2024. In this game, players assume the roles of pilots navigating the conflicting ideologies of different factions within the world of Kachu. The partnership for the custom graphics card highlights promotional synergies between hardware manufacturers and game developers, aimed at increasing engagement with both products.


Source: ithome

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