MSI to release 4GB version of GeForce GTX 770 Gaming Graphics Card

MSI has added a 4 GB model to their GTX 770 Gaming lineup which is to be launched soon. Though not really needed there could be some cases like extremely high resolutions and multi monitor gaming where such a framebuffer could help a little. The new unit can be found under SKU code N770 TF 4GD5/OC and is identical to the 2GB model otherwise. 

With its factory speeds of 1138 MHz core, 1190 MHz GPU Boost and 7.00 GHz on the framebubber (graphics memory) the card is a nice performer alright. Armed with military class components and the TwinFrozr IV cooler the product is bound to impress. Pricing has not yet been announced as well as the actual release date, but expect the product to hover a few tenners over 400 USD.

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