MSI Sandy Bridge and Fusion based All-in-One PCs

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MSI is teasing a little with All-in-One PCs from MSI based on the Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Brazos platform. More info is expected to follow later this week at CES.

Meet the the AE2410, AE2210 and AE2050, each with the very latest silicon inside. Notebook Italia reports that the Taiwanese computer company's using Intel's new Sandy Bridge CPUs in each of its 24- and 22-inch rigs, and grabbed a low-power AMD Brazos APU for the likely budget 20-inch model -- which will reportedly still include a Blu-ray drive like its Core 2 Duo cousin. All three will sport 1080p touchscreen displays and USB 3.0 ports, but also a spiffy new feature called Super Charger that will charge attached USB gadgets even when the computer is off.

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