MSI Radeon HD 6700 Series with Free Video Capture Feature

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MSI releases three new graphics cards based on the AMD Radeon HD6000 architecture: The R6770-MD1GD5, R6750-MD1GD5 and R6750-MD512D5. All of the new MSI R6700 series graphics cards support the latest version of MSI's exclusive Afterburner overclocking software with the Predator video capture function.

Gamers can enhance their usage experiences by capturing in-game videos and sharing them with friends over the web! MSI's latest R6700 graphics cards are equipped with 8cm PWM fan to offer better heat dissipation, and Military Class II concept components for extreme stability and durability2. MSI R6700 series adopt HDMI 1.4a connectivity for the latest in 3D video support, and 7.1 channel lossless high-quality TrueHD and DTS-HD sound. 
In addition, the MSI R6700 series cards support Blu-ray 3D hardware decode and AMD's exclusive HD3D technology. The new AMD HD6700 graphics cards released by MSI provide the most fun and excitement, qualifying it as the best choice on the market.

MSI Exclusive Video Capture Feature for Free
MSI's professional overclocking utility, Afterburner V.2.1.0, comes with the proprietary Predator video capture feature. Users can now capture in-game video directly to their hard drive in their preferred video format, audio encoding, and video quality. Anyone can become a director by editing their own movies and uploading them to websites such as YouTube to share their 'gaming show' with the entire world. Bundled free with MSI graphics cards, the Afterburner overclocking utility, as well as the newly added Predator video capture function, provides gamers with an offer they can't afford to miss out on.

8cm PWM Fan & Military Class II Components
MSI's R6700 graphics cards are equipped with 8cm PWM cooling fan to provide larger airflow for better heat dissipation. Users can change its fan-speed via MSI's exclusive overclocking utility Afterburner based on GPU temperature, allowing total control over graphics card utility. MSI R6770-MD1GD5 comes with Super Ferrite Choke (SFC) for a 30% increase in GPU current flow, and solid capacitors for longer lifespan. The R6750 series even adopts Hi-c CAP to offer 8 times lifetime compared to traditional capacitors. By using the highest quality components available, these cards provide customers with absolute peace of mind.

HDMI 1.4a Output and Blu-ray 3D hardware decode
The new HDMI 1.4a connectivity offered supports 3D video and can also carry 7.1 channels of audio in lossless high-quality TrueHD and DTS-HD audio formats, providing consumers with the most complete audio visual experience. Supporting AMD's exclusive HD3D technology and Blu-ray 3D hardware decode, users can playback latest 3D Blu-ray movies easily with the MSI R6700 series graphics cards. These all-new MSI graphics cards feature the latest DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1 next-generation graphics standards for the best in video and audio fidelity, delivering everything on an enthusiast's wish list.

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