MSI P55-GD80 Lynnfield Motherboard Preview

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We have a nice preview to offer you guys on the upcoming MSI P55-GD80 Lynnfield Motherboard. This board has a lot of overclocker-friendly features, such as on-board controls for clock-speeds, clear-CMOS, OC-Genie, a DIP switch to control voltages, and voltage-sensing points that make measuring voltages convenient.

Apart from the Intel P55 chipset, it uses an NVIDIA nForce 200 bridge chip. And next to the six standard SATA II ports an additional JMicron controller provides two internal and one external SATA ports, and one IDE connector.

Two gigabit Ethernet connections, 8-channel audio, Firewire, and 14 USB ports make for the rest of the package. This is easily one of the more appealing P55 motherboards we have seen to date ...

Check out this Guru3D preview right here.

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