MSI N660Ti PE Gaming Edition

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MSI had a rather unusual card on display at CeBIT. The MSI N660Ti PE Gaming Edition is obviously an all beefed up GeForce GTX 660 Ti. Talking to MSI, they are not yet sure if the card will be released. They are checking with media and customers about this. If released the card will get that red striping to accompany the G series motherboards that we showed you earlier on. This MSI N660Ti PE Gaming Edition would be very similar to the HAWK series actually, with triple overvoltage options, an 8 phase power design and being the OC PE edition it would get a factory clock frequency of 1019 MHz n the baseclock core.

The MSI N660Ti PE Gaming Edition will be armed with TwinFrozr IV cooling, Military class II component selection and 2048MB of GDDR5 graphics memory that is clocked at 6008 MHz. Our put wise the card will get one HDMI 1.4, a Display port connector and two Dual Link DVI connectors.

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