MSI N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition

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Ugh, so we knew about this card for a while now, yet MSI asked specifically not to release any information on it. So of course information and photo's then find its way through other channels. 

MSI is preparing to launch its Xtreme Edition version of the N580GTX Lightning, the card comes with 3GB of graphics memory.

MSI hasn't changed too much with regards to the physical appearance of the card, although the fan shroud is now black instead of gunmetal grey and the fans are blue. The box as announcing dust removal tech although the fan blades are actually the same as on the N580GTX

MSI has added some new kind of smart thermal sensor which is meant to prevent the card from overheating when overclocked and when the card does heat up, LED lights in the shield change color. The card launches at Computex.

Check the thumbnail, it's a cool looking card alright.

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