MSI N275GTX Lightning pixelated

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Thoe bro's over at vrzone have a couple of photo's on the the upcoming N275GTX Lightning card from MSI and now here's the card and cooler in its full glory before Computex. The company came up with a newer cooler, with a slightly different PCB. While retaining the Twin Frozr heatsink.

The cooler MSI is using on the N275GTX Lightning has a bigger fan and higher density heatsink so the cooling performance is enhanced.

  1. Military Class Component (Hi-c CAP, Solid State Choke, Long life Solid CAP)
  2. 8+2 PWM phase
  3. Hardware APS with LED (can shutdown PWM phase during IDLE) - this is something new that N260GTX Lightning doesn't possess
  4. 1792MB GDDR3
  5. V-Check Points (measure GPU/memory voltage)

According to MSI, the yellow Solid State Chokes (SSC) is new on this card.  As traditional choke has different parts inside (housing, coil, ferrite stick), it will generate high frequency noise under heavy load because of vibration. For SSC, it is made up of iron chunk with coil buried inside so there is no different parts thus it doesn't cause the buzzing noise anymore. Also, it can increase power density.

Info on availability, and price, are not known at this point in time.


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