MSI MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI II Motherboard with 5G and Wi-Fi 7 Support

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MSI announced the upcoming release of the MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI II motherboard, notable for its integration of a Realtek 5G wired network card. This board distinguishes itself by supporting advanced connectivity options including 5G wired networks and Qualcomm's latest Wi-Fi 7 technology, in addition to a Realtek ALC 4080 sound card for enhanced audio performance. The motherboard is designed with an 8-layer PCB that incorporates 2 oz of copper foil, optimizing signal integrity and electrical conductivity. The power delivery system on the MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI II is robust, featuring a 19+1+1 phase configuration with 105A Dr.MoS power stages, ensuring stable and efficient power delivery to the CPU and other critical components.

Memory support on this motherboard is expansive, with four DDR5 memory slots capable of handling speeds up to DDR5-7800 MHz through overclocking, allowing for high-performance computing tasks and demanding applications. For expansion, the MPG Z790 CARBON MAX WIFI II includes three PCIe slots: the top slot reinforced with alloy to support the heavy loads of large graphics cards and capable of PCIe Gen5 speeds, a second slot at PCIe Gen3x1, and a third physically x16 slot operating at PCIe Gen4x4. Storage options are extensive as well, with five M.2 slots available: one using PCIe Gen5x4 directly from the CPU, one more at Gen4x4 also from the CPU, and three additional Gen4x4 slots from the chipset. Additionally, six SATA ports are provided for further storage expansion.


The rear I/O panel of the motherboard is equipped with a comprehensive array of USB ports: two USB Type-A ports at 5Gbps, six at 10Gbps, one USB Type-C at 10Gbps, and another USB Type-C at 20Gbps. The front panel connectivity includes four USB 2.0 headers, two USB Type-A 5Gbps headers, and one USB Type-C 20Gbps header, offering a variety of connectivity options for different peripheral devices.


An additional feature is the inclusion of a USB4 expansion card, which can be installed in the third PCIe slot. This card adds two USB4 ports and two DisplayPort 1.4 outputs. It draws power through a PCIe 6-pin connector, enabling 100W Power Delivery via the first Type-C port and 27W output from the second.

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