MSI MPG A750GF WHITE modular GOLD certified power supply - Chassis and Cooler

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This is a new variant of the MPG A750GF and is MSI's first white model. It is a fully modular standard that utilizes a fully flat cable, and both the power supply unit and the cable are unified in white.

It is a very dependable design that utilizes only Japanese-made capacitors, and the cooling mechanism is fitted with a 140mm FDB fan that operates quietly. The manufacturer provides a ten-year guarantee.

Additionally, the "MPG GUNGNIR 110R WHITE" middle tower PC case has been produced, which also features a white color scheme. It is a variant model of the "MPG GUNGNIR 110R," and not only the exterior, but also the inside and the four standard ARG fans (front x 3 / rear x 1) are all white. It is a two-sided glass standard that utilizes tempered glass for the side panel and front panel (half), and allows for the installation of a water-cooled radiator with a maximum front panel diameter of 360 mm and a top radiator diameter of 240 mm. Additionally, the "MAG CORELIQUID 240R V2 WHITE" white-collar all-in-one water cooling unit will be introduced. Everything is united in white, from the water block with integrated ARGB LED to the tube, 240mm radiator, and on-board fan.

It is a color variant of the "MAG CORE LIQUID 240R V2" and offers a quiet design with an integrated water cooling system. Compatible with Intel / AMD's newest platforms, including the Intel LGA1700.

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