MSI Memory Lover consumer motherboard with 8 memory slots

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MSI released its "P45-D8 Memory Lover" motherboard which is equipped with eight memory slots. The new MSI P45-8D Memory Lover motherboard is powered by the latest Intel P45 Express chipset. It supports the IntelCore 2 Extreme / Quad and other multi-core processors with an FSB up to 1600MHz. The main feature of P45-8D Memory Lover is the superb memory expansion flexibility.

It has a total of eight memory slots which users can expand to 16GB by using four DDR2 memory or 8GB by using four DDR3 memories. MSI P45-8D Memory Lover is also equipped with PCI Express 2.0 x16 graphics card slot, which allows up to twice the bandwidth of current PCI Express slot. P45-8D Memory Lover comes with the cooling heat-pipe design with high thermal efficiency to rule out the heat of the North Bridge and South Bridge quickly, ensuring better stability than other same level products. When users want to upgrade the motherboard, they can use the current DDR2 memory to save money as well, also retain the future escalation of the DDR3 memory flexibility.When the price of DDR3 memory declines, users can utilize this to increase the performance. MSI P45-8D Memory Lover also comes with the "Memory Identifier" and "Memory Runner" design.

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