MSI MEG X399 Creation Pops Up In Detail

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With the pending Threadripper 2 processors launch, you're bound to see a few new motherboards as well. MSI is releasing MSI MEG X399 Creation, a board that has revealed itself a couple of times already.

Gigabyte and MSI already seem to be working on some revamped sweetness X399 motherboards, the Aorus X399 Xtreme and MSI's X399 MEG Creation; the TDP of the 2nd generation Ryzen Threadripper processor is set at 250W. While existing X399 will support the new procs after a BIOS upgrade, for overclocking the new X399 chip motherboards are enhanced in both the power and cooling segments.

The processor is powered by a 16 phase digital power design covered by heatsinks interconnected via heat pipes. MSI will also supply an up to 7 M.2 ports. Two are physically present, the rest will be available through an external PCIe adapter card called M.2 Xpander-Aero. MSI MEG X399 Creation is something else though, Oc3D just posted some marketing collateral, see below and feast your eyes in it.

MSI MEG X399 Creation Pops Up In Detail

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