MSI MAG Coreliquid C and MAG Coreliquid P Series CLCs Support LGA1700

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Both liquid cooler series comes in 3 different sizes of radiators in 240 mm, 280 mm, and 360 mm.

What draws them apart is their looks, with the MAG CORELIQUID C Series looking vibrant thanks to the ARGB lighting on the water block and fans. On the other hand, the MAG CORELIQUID P Series looks modest and understated with a blacked-out design throughout its water block and fans.

One key aspect of these two liquid cooler series is the socket support. Due to the new LGA1700 socket, many have questioned whether existing or planned CPU coolers will be compatible with Intel's impending Alder Lake processors. The MAG CORELIQUID C Series and the MAG CORELIQUID P Series are MSI's latest CPU coolers coming to the market with socket LGA1700 support. The LGA1700 is Intel's next-generation CPU socket, which will debut with the company's Alder Lake processors later this year. What makes this news even more exciting is that, unlike other brands that provide LGA1700 support through future customer support, the MAG CORELIQUID C Series and MAG CORELIQUID P Series will support the LGA1700 straight out of the box.

Core Features
Immediately, you will notice both liquid coolers' water blocks. They are unorthodox and distinctive, well suited for those that are tired of the norm and wish to add something different to their day-to-day lives. It is split into four pieces of unique diamond-cut areas and features our proud MSI logo emblem.

Both liquid coolers' pumps have been integrated into the radiators for sound dampening and noise reduction. Placing the pump into the radiator also increases the pump's life expectancy by moving it away from the heat source. The three-phase motor at the core of the pump generates minimal vibrations for long-lasting operation. Regarding cooling performance, the split pathway throughout the radiator rapidly dissipates heat and effectively pumps the cooled liquid back into the loop.

The MAG CORELIQUID C Series and MAG CORELIQUID P Series will be coming to you soon, so stay tuned to our social media outlets and news.

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