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MSI announces “The Limited Series”, a collection of exclusive, special version of selected items from our lineup. Available for a limited-time and very limited quantity, “The Limited Series” gives the opportunity to hardware enthusiasts to get their hands on unique custom designed pieces from the brand.

Exclusive colors and special features
“The Limited Series” deliver the same high-performance MSI brings for more than 35 years with a one-of-a-kind outlook and exclusive features to give a chance to GAMERS to add something very unique to their PC Builds.

Limited stocks and exclusive partners

Each special “drop” will be produced only once in a very limited quantity, for a limited-time and sold in selected shops only.
As we are all unique, MSI wants to give ALL GAMERS the same opportunity to show it.
That is why we have decided to offer each drop at a price very close to the original version!
Remember: items won’t be restocked! You only got one chance to get it!
Stay tuned for the reveal of the first drop that will mark the birth of “The Limited Series”.

MSI has unveiled a new array of products termed "Limited Edition," which, as the name implies, are set for short-term production. These products will be distributed selectively through designated retailers within a specified period. Central to this range is the MSI RTX 4060 NV Edition, with production constrained to 6,000 units. It is pertinent to note that the RTX 4060 SKU is positioned at the foundational tier in NVIDIA's portfolio.


The decision by MSI to earmark an entry-level variant with the "Limited Edition" tag may lead to industry discourse. Still, the underpinning strategy seems to underscore the product's distinctiveness and collectability, rather than emphasizing dominant performance specifications. Interestingly, MSI has refrained from employing NVIDIA's branding explicitly for the card, potentially averting potential legal intricacies with the GPU manufacturer. This action might suggest prospects of upcoming informal collaborations with other industry leaders, such as AMD or Intel, and could span across various hardware categories.



For computer enthusiasts drawn to unique hadware, this approach offers an appealing proposition. Given the production constraint to 6,000 units, prospects for acquisition are comparatively optimistic. Yet, the territorial distribution, be it global or confined to specific regions, remains undefined. The RTX 4060 NV Edition's rollout is slated for September 25th.



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