MSI Introduces Mystic Light Sync: Software To Synchronize everything RGB

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MSI just launched Mystic Light Sync, a software suite that can control not just MSI RGB LED products, but in a unified way can control products from roughly 10 other companies including: Corsair, SteelSeries, G.Skill, Cooler Master, SilverStone, In Win, Bitfenix, Geil, Zadak 511, HyperX, Akasa and Phanteks.

By connecting the RGB Strips towards the motherboards  with an extension connector Mystic Light can be controlled.

MSIAs the first brand to introduce RGB lighting on motherboards with X99A GODLIKE GAMING, MSI keeps working on delivering the next step in RGB lighting. With the inclusion of Mystic Light Sync on MSI 200 series motherboards, we are taking RGB to another level. By equipping the latest generation of MSI GAMING motherboards with MSI’s own Mystic Light RGB solution and the possibility to extend the RGB experience through Mystic Extension, MSI 200 Series and AM4 GAMING motherboards offer the latest and greatest RGB options in the market. 

With the introduction of Mystic Light Sync, MSI’s solution to perfectly synchronize its own brand RGB as well as major brands’ RGB products in the market, MSI is laying down a perfect foundation and eco system for a long term and flawless RGB experience. Perfectly sync the colors and effects from your motherboard, graphics card, DDR4 memory or mouse using Mystic Light Sync. By adding MSI Mystic Light Sync from top to bottom on Enthusiast Gaming, Performance Gaming and Arsenal Gaming, MSI’s mission is to help any gamer to customize their gaming rig perfectly to their liking with the ease of just a few mouse clicks. Simply change the color of the case, or keyboard using MSI's GAMING APP to match the LED colors and effects of a personalized gaming system with MSI motherboards.

To show the endless configurations and what can be realized using MSI Mystic Light Sync, a landing page has been created where users can select and find the right parts to set up and enjoy a full RGB gaming system using Mystic Light Sync. This website helps users understand the difference between Mystic Light, Mystic Light Extension and Mystic Light Sync. It also acts as a smart guide with Feature Filter to help any gamer pick the right motherboard to fit their needs. The Mystic Light landing page also highlights MSI’s partners and their products who fully support Mystic Light Sync and are MSI Mystic Light Sync Certified.

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