MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM FUZION Graphics Card with Hybrid Cooling Technology

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MSI recently unveiled its latest graphics card, the GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM FUZION, which has garnered attention with its innovative air and liquid hybrid cooling system. This new addition to MSI's graphics lineup has also won the Computex Best Choice Award, highlighting its notable features and design. The FUZION branding, which may be familiar from MSI's motherboard range approximately 12 years ago, historically associated with the LucidLogix Hydra chip that facilitated multi-GPU configurations across different brands and types. In the 2024 iteration, MSI reintroduces the FUZION concept to signify advanced hybrid cooling technology. The RTX 4090 SUPRIM FUZION distinguishes itself from MSI's standard RTX 4090 SUPRIM X by incorporating one fewer fan, aligning more closely in design to the RTX 4090 SUPRIM Liquid X, which utilizes a single-fan setup to complement its all-in-one (AIO) cooler. This hybrid model combines air cooling with a liquid system to enhance thermal management. MSI has engineered the cooler with a short pipes waterway specifically designed to increase pressure and enhance water circulation within the system. This design choice aims to optimize heat absorption from the GPU through a micro fin copper base, crucial for maintaining performance under load.

Further enhancing its cooling efficiency, the RTX 4090 SUPRIM FUZION includes a low-profile pump that facilitates better airflow within the case by allowing more space around critical components. Additionally, it incorporates three extra reservoirs, increasing the coolant capacity by approximately 18% over traditional radiators. This increase in coolant volume significantly boosts the card's ability to manage thermal output, ensuring sustained performance during intensive computing tasks.

The card's radiator is constructed with a denser arrangement, which allows for more effective heat dissipation compared to the less complex cooling systems found in other models. This sophisticated cooling solution positions the RTX 4090 SUPRIM FUZION as a high-performance option for serious gamers and professionals who require robust thermal management to complement the high power output of the RTX 4090 chipset.


MSI's strategic use of both air and liquid cooling technologies in a single graphics card sets a new standard in GPU design, offering users an efficient and effective way to maintain optimal temperatures while pushing the limits of their hardware. The integration of these technologies also reflects a broader trend in the computer hardware industry, where hybrid solutions are increasingly being employed to address the thermal challenges posed by high-performance components. 


The RTX 4090 the card will be showcased at the upcoming Computex event, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience its performance capabilities firsthand. MSI's approach to marrying sophisticated cooling technologies with high-end GPU performance could influence future designs in the graphics card market, emphasizing the importance of thermal management in achieving high levels of computing performance.

Source: allroundPC, MSI

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