MSI Cancels GeForce RT 3060 Ti SUPER 3X Launch Due to Naming Conflict with NVIDIA

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MSI recently encountered criticism from NVIDIA regarding their chosen name for a rebranded SUPRIM design, resulting in the cancellation of the GeForce RT 3060 Ti SUPER 3X graphics card series.

NVIDIA urged MSI to withdraw the product, as the name might mislead customers into believing that a "GeForce RTX 3060 Ti SUPER" SKU had been released by NVIDIA, adversely affecting other partners' RTX 3060 Ti graphics card sales. MSI's original plan was to extend its esteemed SUPRIM brand into the performance segment but ultimately opted to create a new brand extension called "SUPER 3X." Unfortunately, this co-branding effort produced an unsatisfactory result, with traces of the old SUPRIM brand remaining on the card's backplate.

The custom GPU, based on the SUPRIM cooling solution, was downgraded to the 'SUPER 3X' series, which displeased NVIDIA and led to the product launch's cancellation. While NVIDIA has not yet introduced a SUPER GPU for the RTX 40 series, it remains a possibility. Consequently, MSI's attempt to use the SUPER branding for the RTX 3060 Ti could have implied it was an NVIDIA SKU, generating confusion for consumers.

MSI has since removed the product from its website, and any cards that may have already been sold could become collectible items. This situation could have been averted if NVIDIA's product guidelines had been more explicit or if MSI had restricted the SUPER 3X series release to Asia.

MSI Cancels GeForce RT 3060 Ti SUPER 3X Launch Due to Naming Conflict with NVIDIA

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