MSI announces 22nm Ivy-Bridge-E support on X79

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Though they released the BIOS updates for it like a month ago, MSI has officially released a new BIOS that allows its X79 chipset motherboards to support Intel's newest 22 nm LGA2011 processors (codename: Ivy Bridge-E) today. Users can experience the powerful performance from the newest 22 nm LGA2011 processors immediately by simply updating the BIOS from MSI's official website.

MSI X79 series motherboards equipped with Military Class III components
The MSI X79 series motherboards use Military Class III components that have the highest quality and stability. Its DrMOS II has dual temperature protection mechanisms that ensure the components have the longest usage lifespan, even when operating under poor radiating environments or when users are performing heavy-duty operations such as overclocking. In addition, MSI's X79 series motherboards are also equipped with the exclusively Click BIOS II, providing the highest performance and the most convenient operating experience. Also included are Sound Blaster Cinema, Multi-BIOS II, Control Center II, Super Charger and many other advanced exclusive technologies. The flagship BIG BANG-XPOWER II motherboard uses a 22-phase power design, and supports 4-way NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFire multi-graphics card computing technologies. MSI X79 series motherboards are your best choice for pursuing extreme performance!

Intel Core i7-3960X and MSI X79A GD65

MSI's X79 chipset mainboard models that support Intel's 22 nm process next generation processor:

Model Number BIOS Version
X79A-GD65 (8D) E7760IMS.430
X79A-GD65 E7736IMS.230
X79A-GD45 Plus E7760IMS.H30
X79A-GD45 (8D) E7760IMS.C30
X79A-GD45 E7735IMS.230
X79MA-GD45 E7738IMS.330

MSI announces 22nm Ivy-Bridge-E support on X79

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