MSI and SteelSeries Offer motherboard with PrismSync and GameSense integration

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MSI and SteelSeries are proud to announce that the MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON motherboard is now supported by SteelSeries Engine. MSI’s Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON is the world’s first motherboard supported by the most intuitive gaming software suite, SteelSeries Engine. 

SteelSeries Engine features PrismSync, an easy-to-use illumination application that enables brilliant, unique, and custom cross-device illumination effects when paired with SteelSeries peripherals. This technology partnership also brings GameSense integration to the MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon. GameSense, developed by SteelSeries, uses real-time game events to trigger illumination effects. MSI is proud to be exclusively partnered with SteelSeries to provide gamers with next-level RGB illumination and technology integration.

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with SteelSeries, we are proud to once again deliver something truly unique on MSI GAMING products. With SteelSeries Engine3 now supporting the Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON motherboards’ RGB LED customization options ánd syncing these options on other RGB products from both brands, gamers can now enjoy a fully customizable system and accessories with ease. SteelSeries Game Sense technology is also supported, providing gamers the next level in RGB LED usage. MSI always strives to give gamers the best hardware and gaming experience, when combined with great features and software by SteelSeries, we’re able to bring new exciting options to gamers around the world.

MSI brings an incredible degree of knowledge and innovation to the categories they serve and we are proud to be their partner with the integration of SteelSeries Engine across their gaming laptops and now in their motherboard business. Together we are a force that is delivering beautiful, industry-leading features and technology to gaming consumers.

PrismSync is an easy-to-use illumination application that enables brilliant, unique, and custom illumination effects when pairing the MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON with SteelSeries peripherals. Create synced color shifts, wave modes that sweep across your gaming desk, or have reactive lighting that fires off effects based on mouse and keyboard input.

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