MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 Beta 11 gets OSD hardware monitoring graphs

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Yesterday we updated MSI AfterBurner towards 4.4.0 Beta 11, this binary download however only was intended for a bit of feedback in our beta test forums. The information however went public and viral, which happens more often with nice new featrues. In the latest Beta we have added the ability to plot graphics on-screen. Meaning frame-rates, frametimes, FPS, Voltages  .. whatever can be monitored, can be plotted as a graph on your monitor.

Considering the information already pread all over the web I wanted to introduce you to this cool new feature today in this news item. Late me make one thing clear though, this is a public BETA, not a final/stable release. AfterBurner can hook into DirectX up-to version 12, and recently Vulkan support was added as well.


We've also been working with EA and Ubisoft to get the OSD better supported (some anti cheat protections made that impossible). The latest iterations of games have been updated. Please do uninstall AfterBurner, and then install the new version fresh. Afterburner now plots graphs by whatever can be monitored from GPU temperature, CPU clock or frame times. With frametimes you guys instantly can see frame drops and anomalies now. Or perhaps a GPU temperature spike, PCI-Express bus utilization and so on.

 How to enable this new feature?

After installation hit the preferences and choose whatever you want plotted. To enable it, you need to go to “Monitoring” tab and choose “text+graph” or “graph” under ‘Show in On-Screen Display’. 

Please understand that this is a first public beta with hardware monitoring graphs, so if you get some issues that would be the reason. Also in this beta the plotted graphs do not have labels (GPU Clock etc) yet. In the preferences you can also see the new font layout, choose modern for the new multi-color look, or if you prefer, modern mono and assign your own single color if preferred.

If you like a little more customization, with MSI Afterburner, the Guru3D RTSS (statistics server) will be installed. If you clock on the menu icon (icon that shows display with 60 in it) the preferences will open up:

  • Raster3D - the arrow downwards will allow you to change the font.
  • Set Screen Display Shadow to On for better screen readability
  • Set Display Fill to on for a background transparent block
  • Display pallete will allow you to change font colors
  • Zoom will make the fonts bigger/smaller
  • And obviously you can select in what position you like to have the monitoring block in the on-screen display preview. You can precisely fine-tune positioning with the X and Y coordinates.


You can download a copy of Afterburner Beta 11 here and please leave feedback here.

Enjoy your weekend ;-)

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