MSI AEGIS Ti and Z170A GAMING M6 get new Killer E2500 NiC

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MSI is proud to announce the new Z170A GAMING M6 motherboard and Aegis Ti desktop are the world's first products to feature the brand-new Killer E2500 game networking chip which offers groundbreaking network performance.

"With the Z170A GAMING M6, MSI has delivered another amazing product that gamers will love. MSI continues to show their relentless commitment to give gamers the hardware they need to stay competitive in their games, and to drive great overall computing experiences,” - said Mike Cubbage, CEO of Rivet Networks. “We are proud MSI included the Killer E2500 as part of the GAMING M6 motherboard & Aegis TI gaming desktop. Together with MSI, we will deliver the absolute best online experience to gamers."

The Killer™ E2500 delivers the online experience and performance that gamers crave. With its enhanced website detection technology that detects and manages the top 500+ global websites, the Killer™ E2500 prioritizes web traffic along with your favorite applications and games. Consumers spend most of their internet bandwidth on website traffic, so the E2500 gives the exact critical performance that gamers and performance users will love. The Killer™ E2500 delivers this incredible experience automatically, but users can use the all-new Killer Control Center to customize their online experience by.

Premiering two significant new features, Lightning USB and latest Killer™ E2500 network, the Z170A GAMING M6 adopts evil gray as its major color scheme, bringing a whole new look and feel to the game table. This motherboard also offers Twin Turbo onboard M.2, Audio Boost 3, and a plethora of other game enhancing features.

The traditional Asmedia 1142 USB 3.1 controller chip on current motherboards is connected via either PCIe Gen2 x2 (10Gb/s) or Gen3 x1 (8Gb/s) which limits the USB 3.1 Gen2 transfer rates (10Gb/s). MSI is now proud to introduce the first ever motherboard to have the next generation Lighting Asmedia 2142 USB 3.1 Gen2 controller chip which runs at PCIe Gen3 x2 (16Gb/s) which is twice as fast. In combination with MSI’s exclusive USB Speed Up there is no faster USB 3.1 Gen2 solution on the market. The PCIe Gen3 connection will also help to boost transfer speeds enormously when using two USB 3.1 Gen2 devices at the same time. The MSI Z170A GAMING M6 comes with both an USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A and Type-C interface.

Gamers only get the best with Aegis Ti, MSI's supreme gaming pc built for extreme gamers that seek maximum performance. Aegis Ti uses the crème de la crème of hardware, including an unlocked Intel® Core™ K-series processor to give gamers great overclocking abilities. On top of that, the MSI Aegis Ti houses two of MSI’s recently released MSI GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics cards in a 2-way SLI setup, doubling up its GPU power for amazing visual details and the best possible graphical performance for a 4K or VR gaming experience.

Besides all extreme of its hardware goodness on the inside, the Aegis Ti harnesses the Aegis Series’ characteristic, breathtaking case design which is conveniently built so that it can be upgraded at any time. Coupled with its own Silent Storm Cooling 3 solution, not only its performance, but also its cooling efficiency is unmatched. Now with the launch of Killer™ Ethernet E2500, we equipped the Aegis Ti with this newest network chip. Taking speed, intelligence and controller to the next level. In this way, gamers get a fast and stable network connection. Making the Aegis Ti a true dream PC for gamers that simply want it all.

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