MOSFET prices to increase on worsening component shortages

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That there is a bit of a chip crisis in the industry is not exactly unknown anymore, CPUs, GPUs, Chipsets, NAND Flash, add to that the latest component shortage, MOSFETs.

Prices for MOSFETs are set to rise significantly in the months ahead thanks to worsening shortages arising from persistently tight 8-inch foundry capacity and rapid increases in demand for graphics cards and automotive electronics applications, according to industry sources. A MOSFET controls the voltage and current flow between the source and drain. The working of the MOSFET depends on the MOS capacitor, which is the semiconductor surface below the oxide layers between the source and drain terminal.

Fortunately, MOSFETs aren't the most expensive parts of your graphics card or motherboard, a single unit sells for roughly 50 cents per 500 bought. But still, everything accumulated, adds up.

One of the reasons for increased shortages and higher demand for MOSFETs is due to the risen demand for graphics cards. It seems the industry is spiraling into a negative spin this way, as everything keeps getting more expensive. A good example was the GeForce RTX 3060 release yesterday. A graphics card that should cost sub-250 USD IMHO, launched with a reference pricing of 329 USD, but most cards are sold for roughly 400 USD even passing 500 USD for the most premium models. 

MOSFET prices to increase on worsening component shortages

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