Moore Thread MTT S30 graphics cards becomes available, AV1 Decode , Direct3D API

The Asia based Moore Thread MTT S30 graphics card is available on the market with a price tag of approximately 57 USD (converted from 399 yuan). This model features 4GB of onboard memory and is designed to operate with a 40W power supply. It utilizes the MUSA unified system architecture, enhancing its compatibility with various CPU architectures, including x86, Arm, and LoongArch.

This graphics card is capable of supporting multiple graphics APIs such as OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and Vulkan, and is capable of delivering 4K video output. The inclusion of AV1 Codec compatibility further extends its utility in media applications. Designed for efficiency, the MTT S30 fits into small form factors and does not require an external power supply, making it a compact and convenient option for systems with limited space.

Technical specifications of the Moore Thread MTT S30 include:

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