Modern Warfare no longer fits on a 250GB SSD

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Perhaps you can recall it? The system requirements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare recommended 175GB of free space, which we felt is quite a lot.

An August update pushed that figure to over 200GB, and we kept thinking it was too much. And now, as @BattleNonSense has pointed out on Twitter, Modern Warfare no longer fits in a 250GB SSD.

This is what happens when one game contains a singleplayer campaign, the co-operative Special Ops mode, and an entire constantly updated live service battle royale mode in the form of Warzone. On console players can choose to uninstall specific modes and packs, and back when the Call of Duty games were available on Steam some of them had similar options. But players on have no such luck.

Modern Warfare no longer fits on a 250GB SSD

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