Modder NTDev Presents Windows 11 Running on Graphics card VRAM with Tiny11 Project

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Modder and software developer NTDev has showcased a remarkable modded Windows 11 operating system, dubbed Tiny11, which operates using VRAM instead of system memory. By employing a third-party tool called GpuRamDrive, NTDev successfully stored the entire Tiny11 OS installation on a laptop GPU memory, specifically the VGA memory. 

The scaled-down OS installation occupies only 4GB of space, easily fitting into a GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU 4GB buffer. Sequential read speed can reach up to 1960 MB/s, while write speed can hit 2497 MB/s.

Although executing an OS using VRAM is an impressive achievement, instances stored in VRAM lack persistent states, meaning all data will be lost upon system reboot. Nevertheless, Tiny11 serves as an excellent solution for dated systems with minimal memory requirements, as it can function on PCs with a mere 2GB of RAM and needs just 8GB of space.

NTDev's latest project leverages the VRAM from his modest GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU to construct a RAM drive using the GPU RAM Drive utility. As per CrystalDiskMark results, the VRAM provided sequential reads and writes of up to 1,960 MB/s and 2,497 MB/s, respectively, proving to be a remarkable feat despite falling short of top-tier SSD performance.

In addition to managing Tiny11, NTDev is known for his unconventional experiments, such as running Windows 7 on a system with a 5 MHz processor and 128MB of RAM. Eagerly anticipating more of NTDev's inventive trials, we're excited to see what he comes up with next.

Modder NTDev Presents Windows 11 Running on Graphics card VRAM with Tiny11 Project

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