MMO New World (Beta) is killing GeForce RTX 3090 (updated: EVGA reports 30 cards toasted)

The closed beta for the "New World," an Amazon Game Studio MMO in development is showing a rather weird sideeffect. the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 graphics cards seems to have issues with the game, and it in fact is getting damaged. 

A mmorpg produced by Amazon Games was released as closed beta yesterday. To date, the game looks to have reached a peak of 190,000 Steam gamers and over 106,000 Twitch watchers (at the time of writing). All can't talk of a pleasant experience, though.

Apparently, the game causes some RTX 3090 graphics cards to fail catastrophically even before rendering the scene begins. "I just bricked a 3090 in the main menu after setting my graphics quality to medium and hitting save," drafted one user on Reddit. While  EVGA models have been particularly affected, issues have also been reported with other brands.

Amazon in a Wednesday statement claimed that two user reports have been received from RTX 3090 users with issues aka bricked RTX 3090 cards.  And mentions to be working on a patch that addresses the issue, but in the meantime, urged users to dial down their graphics settings. EVGA has come out with a statement of its own, saying that its RTX 3090 graphics cards getting bricked for playing the game would be "completely under warranty."

Missing FPS limit in menu likely triggers a defect
A number of signs indicate the high load in the New World menu of a potential fault in EVGA RTX 3090. The lack of the FPS restriction on the menu is said to result in exceptionally high rates of FPS. This should normally just lead to high energy needs, with matching high heat and possibly 'coil whine', but that should not destroy the graphics cards. 

FPS limit as a workaround
Owners of a GeForce RTX 3090 from EVGA should avoid New World or other games without FPS limits in the menu or even lend a hand: In the Nvidia Control Panel, you can set your own FPS globally or for individual games - Set the limit or use MSI Afterburner to enforce it.

If you have an RTX 3090, it is not advisable to play New World at this time in any circumstances. With a price tag of 40 euros, the game is available for pre-order on Steam. On August 31st the mmorpg is scheduled for release.

Updated: VGA has seen 30 RMA requests in the past few days for broken RTX 3090 video cards after playing the New World game. EVGA has not yet been able to reproduce the issue itself, as the scenario in which the issues occurred is no longer available since the patch released. Next week, the manufacturer expects to receive the first defective cards and to be able to analyze them in order to determine the technical cause of the hardware failure EVGA awaits the PCB analysis of defective cards. Affected consumers can expect prompt processing of the RMA requests a spokesperson assures. The bricked video cards are covered by the warranty and will be exchanged for new ones.

A close-up of the PCB of a faulty RTX 3090.Source: GremaxLP/ElmorLabs Discord

MMO New World (Beta) is killing GeForce RTX 3090 (updated: EVGA reports 30 cards toasted)

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