Minisforum Venus UN100 & UN305 Mini PCs: Alder Lake N Chip Powered Performance

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Minisforum has introduced the latest entrants to their Venus lineup, the UN100 and UN305 mini PCs. Both devices are equipped with Intel's highly anticipated Alder Lake-N chip, with the premium UN305 featuring an Intel Core i3-N305 processor.

Minisforum's Venus UN100 and UN305 Mini PCs will be available, each coming in two configurations: 8GB memory with 256GB storage or 16GB memory with 512GB storage. The memory is soldered, preventing expansion or replacement, but upgrading to a higher-end model is reasonably priced at just a 30 euro difference.

The UN100 and UN305 are Minisforum's first Mini PCs equipped with the Alder Lake N chip. The quad-core N100 powers the UN100, featuring an Intel UHD GPU with top speeds of 3.4GHz and 750MHz, respectively. On the other hand, the UN305 is fueled by the faster N305 processor, containing an octa-core chip with a maximum speed of 3.8GHz and a GPU clocked at 1.25GHz.

Besides the processors, both devices have comparable specifications. The Mini PCs include dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, two HDMI ports, and a USB-C port with DisplayPort support, allowing users to connect up to three screens at once. Additionally, they come with four USB-A 3.2 ports, consisting of two Gen 1s and two Gen 2s. Housed in a sleek CNC metal casing, the Mini PCs measure 136mm wide, 121mm deep, and 39mm high, weighing approximately 440g. The package also includes a VESA mount bracket, an HDMI cable, and more.

Both models share the same metal enclosure, which can be opened to add an M.2 2280 SSD, a 2.5" hard drive, or an SSD. The UN100 model is priced at $249, while the more powerful N305 model retails for $359.

Minisforum Venus UN100 & UN305 Mini PCs: Alder Lake N Chip Powered Performance

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