Microsoft Windows 10 KB4535996, users with issues should uninstall

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Microsoft confirms there is a problem with the KB4535996 update that it released at the end of February. The company admitted the problem a couple of days ago, a few days after users started complaining about the inconvenience that the update installation brought. 

Microsoft said it was "aware of the problems" with signtool.exe after installing the optional update KB4535996 for Windows 10 version 1903 or Windows 10 version 1909.

The solution that Microsoft offers is to uninstall KB4535996.

Microsoft promised a real solution to the problem in the form of a new update that will be available in mid-March. Windows users certainly hope that the new update will not introduce more flaws, which has been common with Microsoft in recent months. While Microsoft does not offer instructions to uninstall the KB4535996 update, the process is easy and anyone can do it. Those who need to uninstall it should follow the following steps:

  • Open the settings application via Windows + I
  • Choose the option “Updates and Security”
  • Open the "Windows Update" tab
  • Click on "View update history"
  • Click on “Uninstall updates”
  • Select update KB4535996 and uninstall it

For those who do not know the problems related to the KB4535996 update; Many Windows 10 users reported that when they tried to install the update, the installation fails with the generic error messages 0x800f0922 and 0x80070003. Users also reported that, after waiting for more than the account to complete the download and restarting the machine, the update caused a blue screen and a warning indicating that the system could not complete the update.

Other users were able to install it but encountered random freezes, BSOD errors , and other performance related issues. After applying the update, the sound cards of some machines stopped working .

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