Microsoft Unveils New Xbox Console Models Including Disc-less Version and Increased Storage Options

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In a recent announcement during the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft introduced several updates to its Xbox console lineup. The launch includes a new disc-less version of the Xbox Series X, an enhanced Xbox Series X with a 2 TB storage capacity, and an updated Xbox Series S model featuring 1 TB of storage. The disc-less version, designated as the Xbox Series X 1 TB Digital Edition, will initially be offered exclusively in a color Microsoft describes as Robot White. This model is tailored for users who prefer digital downloads over physical discs, providing them with 1 TB of storage to manage their games and media efficiently.

Additionally, Microsoft is introducing an upgraded version of the Xbox Series X with a 2 TB storage capacity. This model, known as the Xbox Series X - 2 TB Galaxy Black Special Edition, features a unique exterior design with a grey and green sparkle pattern molded into the black casing, offering both aesthetic appeal and increased storage. The Xbox Series S will also see an upgrade, with a new version that includes 1 TB of storage in Robot White. This enhancement brings the storage capabilities of the white Series S model in line with its black counterpart, although indications from the press release suggest that the black version may be phased out in favor of the new white model.

Pricing for these new models is as follows: the Xbox Series X - 1 TB Digital Edition is priced at $449.99 or €499.99, the Xbox Series X - 2 TB Galaxy Black Special Edition will cost $599.99 or €649.99, and the Xbox Series S - 1 TB in Robot White will be available for $349.99 or €349.99. All three models are expected to be available for purchase later this year.

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