Microsoft to offer Windows 7 upgrade version in EU

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Good news for a couple of EU based countries. Microsoft blogger Brandon LeBlanc has some updates on Windows 7 in Europe. First up, he reveals that Microsoft has expanded the Family Pack to the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Due to the decision to include a ballot screen in Windows 7, Microsoft decided to cancel the special European editions, instead Europeans will receive the same version of Windows 7 as the rest of the world. Therefore, upgrade versions of Windows 7 will also be offered in Europe, but unfortunately this also means that the pricing of Windows 7 will have to be readjusted as Microsoft previously planned to offer the full editions of Windows 7 at upgrade prices in Europe.
As well as allowing for a Family Pack offer, it means that we are now able to have an upgrade version of Windows 7 available in Europe at launch. Windows 7 retail boxes will be available in both Full and Upgrade versions via pre-orders through Microsoft online stores where available and our retail partners starting September 1st and at General Availability on October 22. We will, however, continue to make Windows 7 N versions available that does not include Windows Media Player.

For customers who have already pre-ordered the full version of Windows 7 E in the EU

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