Microsoft suspends Windows 11 22H2 update due to game performance issues

Microsoft launched the Windows 11 22H2 update last month but recently suspended it. The suspension of the operating system's latest version is due to user-reported issues in which game performance suffers, FPS decreases.

At the moment, only users with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards who have updated Windows to version 22H2 have reported the issue. There have been complaints of slow and unpredictable frame rates in games, lag, and rampant CPU underutilization. As soon as Microsoft formally acknowledged the issue, it suspended the update, making it inoperable on new devices. According to the business, the updated version of the software prompted GPU-dependent apps and games to activate debugging features that were not intended for customers. This has a huge impact on performance.

Microsoft is working on a solution and will distribute it to consumers. As a result, if you have not already installed Windows 11 22H2, it will not be available through Windows Update until Microsoft resolves the issue. To protect consumers' systems, the corporation advises against installing the update manually. The company is "working on a fix" and will provide "an upgrade to an upcoming version." Unfortunately, no release date for such a remedy has been announced. NVIDIA, aware of the issue that Windows users were experiencing, also provided a solution for gamers. They published a software update for GeForce Experience because it had issues with the most recent version of Windows 11.

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