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Microsoft is preparing to release their Sculpt Comfort Desktop Set. The set consists of a Sculpt Comfort Keyboard and a Sculpt Comfort Mouse. Let’s start with the Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, this ergonomically designed keyboard features a 2.4GHz radio frequency, a comfort curve layout design, 109 keys and a removable palm rest. As for the Sculpt Comfort Mouse, this Windows 8 compatible mouse adopts the BlueTrack technology (works on almost any surface) and features a 1000dpi resolution, a 4-way scroll wheel and a Windows Touch tab to easily switch to the start screen on Windows 8. The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Set will be available from September 6th for 7,980 Yen (about $82). 

Google translated:

Comfort design to maximize comfort

Customizable features that can be easily adjusted to suit the design of curve type, to taste, a mouse dedicated right-handed design, Sculpt Comfort Desktop provides operability very comfortable. You can use a variety of shortcuts and function while maintaining a neutral position of the wrist, to improve the efficiency of input.

Curve layout design

The comfort curve layout and sophisticated design, the key is placed within reach of the finger, is kept in a horizontal wrist, palm rest, and reduces the load on the hand. Removable palm rest can also be in accordance with the size of the desk, using more compact.

It is most suitable for Windows 8

Sculpt Comfort Desktop is ideal for Windows 8. The hot keys on the keyboard, you can use as a shortcut of frequently used functions. By swiping stroking up and down the tab also, easy access to the Start screen, Windwos Touch tab of the mouse you can easily switch between apps.

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